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SEMARC License and Station Information

NCS Schedule for 2015 Activity Nets

Net Script

SEMARC is a licensed club station with callsign WCGM.  The trustee is Dick Roberts, NUC.  The club maintains antennas and cabling in Cottage Grove, MN at Fire Station Number Two for members to setup operations during an emergency situation.  Here we have the ability to quickly put into operation a VHF Packet Node, ATV receive site, VHF and UHF FM transceiver, along with a HF all mode station using a Hy-Gain vertical antenna permanently located there.  We will soon have main club station installed at our new location at the Zion Lutheran Church.

The club sponsors two repeaters on the 2 Meter band.  The first is 146.985 with standard (-) offset and no access tone.  The 985 is a dual site system with the transmitter located in Hastings, MN and the receiver located in Cottage Grove, MN.  The 985 also is connected to Echolink and ARLP to give a worldwide look. The second is 147.180 with standard offset (+) and an access tone of 74.4 Hz is a duplexed site located in Cottage Grove, MN.

The club has nets on the VHF and HF bands to promote interest in our club.  The following lists time and locations;

    At 7PM local time we meet on Wednesdays on 28.110mhz CW for a round table led by N0FKC to promote CW in our club.

    At 8PM local time we move to our 146.985 repeater for an ARES Net starting with a check-in of local ARES members and any ARES announcements.  We move directly to the Club's Activity Net to check-in members and friends, announcements and a round of friendly discussion.

After the activity net and announced during the net we hold an FLDigi digital practice net.  During these nets we practice our skills using the digital modes for general amateur use or during any emergency preparedness response.  Listen during the ARES net for time and frequency all are welcome to check in.                             

On the 1st and 15th day of each month our Washington County ARES team hold their training net at 7PM on the 147.18 all members are encouraged to check in.


SEMARC Website Edited by Dick Roberts, NUC