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SEMARC 2020 Field Day

June 27 & 28, 2020

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, both the League and the SEMARC Board will approach Field Day differently than in the past.

The League has modified the rules for FD to allow home operations under commercial power to receive credit for all contacts. Previously, home operations under commercial power could not claim credit for contacts with other like home operations.

The club has decided to encourage members to operate from their home QTHs and submit entries to the ARRL including that they are members of South East Metro Amateur Radio Club (SEMARC). Consistent use of the proper name will ensure that the League can accurately combine all member scores and report the proper total for the club when final results are tabulated and published.

The Board encourages members to review the rules, seeing where they may be eligible for bonus points and claiming them. In the past, the club’s claiming of bonus points has positively affected our scores.

One of the bonus areas involves using the League web app to submit scores, especially for those who do not routinely use electronic logs. Many of the members may wish to submit their scores using the application. Others may submit their scores on paper, using the official summary form and dupe sheet available from the League. As an aid to members, the summary form and dupe sheet can be downloaded with the links below.

The Board encourages you to embrace this change and have fun this FD, looking forward to a real get-together in 2021.

Final Report by KEĜHAL

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