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SEMARC 2021 Field Day

June 26 & 27, 2021

After the COVID-19 restrictions last year, we look forward to returning to a traditional Field Day in 2021. We are fortunate to have this year’s effort led again by Field Day Chair Dave Blume, KDĜIRF.

We will be operating at Fire Station #3 in Old Cottage Grove (see map below). You will need a SEMARC ID card to enter the fire station. Contact joehibberd11@gmail.com if you need one. Non-members and visitors will not be permitted inside the fire station. Face masks are not required, but optional.

For our newer members and visitors, Field Day is a chance to get in the field and practice our emergency communication skills. Field Day success depends on being safe, having a plan, assigning tasks, scheduling operators, garnering bonus points, and submitting our club score. As you might imagine, there is more than enough work to go around.

Please reach out to Dave at KDĜIRF@yahoo.com with your offers to help … setting up, operating, logging, taking down, copying the Field Day message for bonus points, offering to make a satellite contact, originating a message to the section manager; inviting a newbie to have some fun, etc. Let Dave know what times you can work. Seriously, folks, this is an instance where many hands make for light work and for fun. Think about how you can help and reach out to Dave. He’ll appreciate your efforts.

To sign up for times to operate one of our radios, please visit Sign-Up Genius and pick your time(s). Even if you have already spoken with Dave about your preferred time, please use the Sign-Up Genius to make it official.

The Board of Directors encourages members to review the rules, seeing where they may be eligible for bonus points and claiming them. In the past, the club’s claiming of bonus points has positively affected our scores. Field Day rules are online at www.arrl.org/field-day#rules.

If you want to participate in Field Day but can't get to the fire station, you may operate from home. Contact Dave and he will give you information about doing that.

One of the bonus areas involves using the ARRL suggested software to submit scores, especially for those who do not routinely use electronic logs. The following logging software is known to offer support for Field Day:

Members may wish to submit their scores on paper may use these official summary form and dupe sheet available from the ARRL.

Visitors are welcome! There will be visitors to the site. In fact, the Field Day rules encourage it and we will have a visitor sign-in sheet and badges available.

We encourage you to join the fun this Field Day, whether you are at the Fire Station or your home QTH. Make sure you put Field Day, June 26-27, on your calendar.

SEMARC Website Edited by Dick Roberts NĜUC and Joe Hibberd W3QLC